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DMC Aida Cloth 14 CT

DMC Aida Cloth 14 CT

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Specially designed for cross stitch, our pre-cut aïda is 100% cotton. Composed of blocks of threads with a perfectly square weave. The clearly recognizable squares make it easy for beginners and professionals alike to create neat, regular stitches.

Each is 15" x 18" 

Aida is sold in different ‘counts’. The count refers to the number of stitches you can make in an inch. The metric equivalent is pts/cm - stitches per centimeter. Therefore, the higher the count the smaller stitches you will make resulting in a finer finish. We recommend beginners use 14-count/5.5pts which is the most popular aïda in our range.

Care instructions: remember to take into account the care instructions for all threads and fabrics used in your project. DMC Aida can be washed at 60°C with mild detergent and pressed using a pressing cloth on a low heat setting.

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