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Enjoy this free pattern for the 6 Pocket Bag. 

Make a tote bag with 6 pockets!

Supplies Needed

• Strap Fabric 1/4 yard
• Pocket Fabric 1/2 yard
• Lining Fabric 5/8 yard
• 2 10-1/4-x-14-1/4-inch rectangles thin, firm batting

Finished Tote Bag Tips
• Bag size: 8 x 10 x 4 inches
• Quantities are for 44/45-inch-wide, 100 percent cotton fabrics.
• Measurements include 1/4-inch seam allowances.
• Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Step 1: Cut Your Fabrics

For the straps: Cut two 4 x 34 1/2-inch strips
For the pocket: Cut two 14 1/2 x 16 1/2-inch rectangles
For the lining: Cut two 14 1/2 x 20 1/2-inch rectangles

Step 2: Assemble Straps

To assemble the straps, take one of your 4 x 34 1/2-inch strips and fold it in
half lengthwise with the wrong side inside, and press. Open and fold long
edges into the center, then press again. Refold the strip in half and press.
Topstitch 1/8-inch from the outer edges to make a finished strap. Repeat this
step with your other 4 x 34 1/2-inch strip to make a second strap.

Step 3: Assemble Bag Pieces

Fold one of the 14 1/2 x 16 1/2-inch rectangles in half lengthwise with the
wrong side facing in to make an 8 1/4 x 14 1/2-inch pocket rectangle, then
press. Repeat with the other rectangle to make a second pocket rectangle.
With right side of the lining rectangle facing up, place a folded pocket
rectangle right side up along bottom edge of lining. Place a 10 1⁄4” x 14 1⁄2”
batting under the layered pieces. Pin around sides to secure.
Pin ends of a strap centered across bottom edge of layered pieces leaving 4”
between strap edges.

Place a pin on each side of the strap 10 1/4 inches from the bottom edge.
Beginning at the bottom edge of layered pieces, topstitch one side of the strap
up to the pin marking 10 1/4 inches; remove the pin, sew across the strap,
and topstitch back down to the bottom edge. Repeat with the remaining side
of the strap to complete one side of the handmade bag. Repeat to make the
second side.

Step 4: Layer Bag Pieces

Layer both bag pieces with right sides together and pin, making sure to pin the
loose portion of straps in place to prevent catching them in stitching. Join the
bag around all edges, leaving a 5-inch opening at the top center for turning.
Press the seams open.

Step 5: Finish Bag

To shape a flat bottom for the bag, at one corner match the bottom seam line
to side seam line, creating a flattened triangle Use a sewing gauge or ruler to
measure 2 inches from the point of the triangle; draw a line across the
triangle. Sew on the drawn line, then trim the excess fabric. Repeat with the
remaining bottom corner of the bag, then turn the bag right side out through
the opening and finger-press the seams. If desired, slip-stitch the lining
opening so it's completely closed, then insert lining into the
finished handmade bag!
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